Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tukar Rumah

Hey peeps!

Just letting you guys know that I've shifted my blog to:

Sorry for the change again but i guess u're used to it by now :P
Remember to re-link me okaaay.

Thanks and see ya there :P

Friday, January 9, 2009


I first had you when I was 6.
You practically grew up with me..
Did not expect you to leave THAT soon and sudden.I just wish I could have given you one last pat,one last stroke.
I definitely wasn't the best owner - hardly feed you, hardly bathe you, always call you names and scold you when u get on my nerves by acting like a stubborn donkey.
You're not the cutest, most obedient dog, but you're the best pet I've ever had. Given me so much memories. Been a part of 15 years of my life.
And you will always have a special place in my heart as my dearest pet.

I will miss you.
Goodbye Becky..

Wednesday, December 31, 2008



What a year it has been.

For some reasons, it was the best year of my life. For other reasons, it wasn't.

But yet again, disbelief is staring right at my face as another year comes to an end. How could it have been so soon?

I've had so many ups and downs this year I lost count of them.
The number of times where hope seems lost and I feel like there's no point in trying anymore. But also the times where I know that despite everything, He is still there. Even when I doubt, even when I give up on myself, I don't know how He doesn't.
The Ups? One major thing was people. There are new people whom I've met this year for which I'm so grateful for. Thank You for putting them in my life. Things I never thought I'll do, things I never thought could or will happen to me did and caught me by surprise. Oh how I'll cherish those moments.

But I guess, i still have plenty more of growing up to do. They say we never stop learning. I need to learn to trust Him more. He deserves every bit of my trust but many a times I fail in that area.
"In whatever season you're in, it is the season to trust Him." I need to live by that.

In a nutshell, 2008 - I gained some. I lost some. But it is another year that I've been given. and thank You for this year. My ups, my downs.

Goodbye 2008.
Hello 2009.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


After two months that never seem to finally did.

Finally. i just wanna say that with a HUGE sigh of relief. FINALLY.

All I wanna do now is just rest. Rest, catch up on hours and hours of lost sleep, and rest.

I'm not gonna miss the job, but i think i'll miss the people there. Thank God that despite getting one of the worst jobs I could get, at least the people there helped made it much less miserable than it could have been.

So what's next?


Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sometimes I ask myself this questions.

"Why did I make this choice."
"Why did I try so hard, work so hard, think so hard only to get dumped with this kinda crap."
"Why did I bother in the first place?"
"Is there something more to this?"

And sometimes I wanna ask those certain individuals this questions.

"What makes you think you can call me 'narrow minded' if you don't even know who I am. What if it was your child in that position,ever thought about that,woman?"

I'm just plain sick sometimes of the place I chose to be in. But I guess, im the one to blame for that. But well,nothing new isnt it? Because somehow,someway, I always seem to be making bad choices than good ones.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Big 2.

Hellooo people. Yes, I'm still alive and kickin' alright. Work hasn't kill me yet don't worry :P
I'm 2 decades old today. lol. I'm gonna miss having a "1" as the first number in my age but hey,that's life right. HAHA.
Anyway, I'm gonna launch into my "datin/VIP"(eme's words) thank you speech now, so be warned beforehand la :P
Thank you each and everyone of you who remembered, who wished, who called, sms-ed,msn-ed,who gave me something, who took the time to celebrate for me, who gave me big birthday hugs,who drove me around, who used up the space in your blog/msn's PM for my name lol. THANK YOU. I appreciate it very,very much. And it warms my heart to hear from people whom I never thought will remember as well haha. So once again, thank you. (you all know who you are) This year's is one of the simplest celebration I've had but sometimes simplicity is better than all the big hoo-hah. :)

And most of all, thank You Lord. For another year you've added to my life. For Your amazing grace and mercy that never fails. You know all my failures and weaknesses, but You never stopped loving me. Thank you for the amazing people You've put in my life.

Thanks for the awesome cake, pressies (you all know who you are) and thanks Jo for being such a great hostess and for giving me 13 fishballs in your yummy tomyam :) (though I didnt finish it but really,thank you :P)

my hair looks like it was caught in a hurricane or stg but lol.ignore that. thanks for the cake colin, and u guys who sang for me lol. Oh and its cool to cut a cake with the not-so-typical cake knife :P

Colin named this file, "where you looking.JPEG"

Groupie. thanks guys :)

I had a great day.

Will talk abt my work and other stuffs next time k.lazy la now :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blessed 25th

A Happy and Blessed Birthday post for Eu-Gene aka big bro, Here's ur wish hahah. Didnt know u still check my blog but better late than never :P Happy 1/4 century old haha!